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My future depends on this examination

Why I can help you

There are almost as many reasons to seek a qualification in English as there are examination systems. Perhaps you want to study at university in an English-speaking country. Or you may wish to travel there and require a visa. It may be that you have the ambitious goal of emigrating to live permanently in an English-speaking country.

The common factor in each of these situations is that the university or the country concerned insists that the student, the traveller or the migrant can prove that they speak and understand spoken and written English well enough to function properly in their new linguistic environment.

This has to happen before entry to the university or country is permitted and means passing a recognised international English test.

Perhaps you want to study at university in an English-speaking country

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Do you work only with one examination system?

I can work with you to enhance your prospects of success at any of the examination programmes.

We will, however, take here the example of the certificate that is most often required – IELTS.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the only qualification recognised by UK Visas and Immigration or for migration to either New Zealand or Australia. In 2016, the test was taken 3 million times by students in over 140 countries. It is recognised by academic institutions in Britain, New Zealand Australia and Canada and by over 3,000 academic establishments in the United States.

There is no set pass mark, and the candidate’s result form will assess his or her level at somewhere between zero (non-user) and nine (expert user). You will need to know which level is required by the university or country in which you are interested. Then you and I can work together in a targeted way to achieve it.

IELTS tests all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The great value of one-to-one online teaching is that you can focus your efforts, with your teacher’s help, on the skills in which you are weakest. You may not always know yourself which these are.

When do we start?

Now. Click here to enter the contacts page and send an email asking for an evaluation lesson.


This is not a free sample lesson. It is a reduced-price session of 30 minutes. I will ask you to write me a small paragraph (10 to 15 lines), and I will send you a similar sized one to read with me after we have had a conversation. Then I will give you feedback on all four skills.


* Group lessons

The fastest and most intensive learning environment is a one-to-one lesson. The next best option is a small group (maximum of four students), since you learn from the teacher’s work with the others as well as directly with you.

A group lesson is a good choice if you want to learn together with a friend or partner, or if a lesson on your own is too expensive. I do not make any additional charge but there must be one contact person for the group, responsible for the payment and providing the Internet contact address.

A half-hour evaluation session, with feedback on language skills

€ 6

One-hour lesson, one-to-one or group*

€ 18

Series of 5 lessons

€ 80

Series of ten lessons, with one free lesson on completion

€ 160

Examination-preparation lessons (one hour)

€ 25