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Why do I need a teacher, when there are so many resources on the Internet?

I am delighted that so much English-learning material is now available. In fact this is why I spend so many hours on my Facebook page, helping learners.

However, a teacher can definitely help you make progress faster, targeting your weaknesses and stimulating your strengths.

Can I rely on Internet resources?

This is the other big advantage of having your own teacher. Sadly, the free material available on the Internet is sometimes completely wrong. If you do not see these mistakes, it is very difficult later to “unlearn” incorrect language patterns. Your teacher has the experience to select only correct material and exactly the right kind for your learning needs.

Is it essential to be taught by a native speaker of English?

Not essential but advisable. Most teachers of English around the world (for example in schools) are not native speakers but if they have been properly trained as English teachers, they can teach you the basics. However, the native-speaker teacher does have a big advantage in always recognising when an incorrect word is used or something is not pronounced properly

Unfortunately, in some countries many non-native English teachers are not well trained and so give their students bad advice. Similarly, not all native speakers have studied their own language well enough to be good teachers..

Is paying for English lessons a good use of my money?

Definitely, provided the teacher is a trained professional, preferably with English as their mother tongue. At work, at home and when travelling, English expands your horizons, allowing you to think internationally.

Increasingly, the ability to communicate in English is a major employment advantage. A wider choice of jobs is open and promotion more likely.

Do you give a free trial lesson?

No. I am sure you are genuinely interested in learning English but unfortunately too many people just do not value anything which is free. They waste my time – time I could be using to teach somebody like you. But I offer something better.

I give a half-hour evaluation session, at a significantly reduced price. That way you can see how clearly I speak and understand how I work. More importantly, I give you feedback so you are guaranteed to have benefited from the evaluation, whether or not you decide to become my student.