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Our Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to Helen's English. The fresh, independent, dynamic way to learn English online. The following terms and conditions represent a contract between you, the student, and the Helen's English. By visiting this site, becoming a member and purchasing any of our products you automatically agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use set out below.

1. Acceptance of the Terms
By visiting or registering with the Helen's English, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this site. If you do not agree with all that is written in these terms and conditions – do not use this site. Please read all that is written carefully before using this site.

2. Changes to these Terms
Helen's English may have to modify this site from time to time. For this reason the terms and conditions may also require updating. Information on future changes will be sent out to you directly via email or you will be notified when accessing the site. Your continued use of the site following notice of these changes will be considered an acceptance of the modified terms and conditions of use. In addition, Helen's English reserves the right to suspend or discontinue this site at any time. In such cases lessons owed will be fully refunded.

3. Your Rights
Helen's English provides you with limited usage of this website provided that you comply with all of the terms and conditions highlighted in this document. Your account is non-transferable and the materials of this site are for your private use only. Neither your account nor any materials attained, downloaded or copied from this site should be employed for commercial use. Certain services of this site, such as our online learning interface, are available only to registered members of Helen's English.

4. Use of the Service
This site may only be used for lawful purposes. If we feel that your account is being used in a way that contradicts our terms and conditions we reserve the right to immediately terminate your membership. In such cases any outstanding lessons will be cancelled without a refund and your whole profile, including any work you have completed or posts uploaded, will be deleted.

Your access to the site may occasionally be interrupted when, as stated in point 2, the site content is updated, replaced or edited. Site maintenance will be kept to a minimum to prevent disruption and will only be undertaken when necessary.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the internet connection, headset and microphone are fully operational during lessons. If a lesson is unable to be continued due to technical problems at Helen's English then another lesson will be rescheduled. However, if there are technical problems with your equipment then the Helen's English will accept no responsibility.

5. Intellectual Property Rights
All materials found on this site are the sole property of Helen's English. This includes our online learning interface, learning materials, flashcards, audio clips, videos and the content of the site itself.

6. Privacy and Security Policy
In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998, any personal information we gather will be kept strictly confidential. We do not give out or share your personal information to third parties. Any information given out by you through our online learning interface should be minimal. Addresses and telephone numbers should not be posted by you onto our online learning interface.

7. Payments
Once you have completed our registration form you will be asked to make the payment in full for the packaged you have decided upon. For security purposes payments must be made online through Your free lesson will be arranged at a time convenient for you once we have received confirmation of your payment.

8. One-to-one lessons

8.1. Punctuality
You must be on time for your lessons. Our teachers have busy timetables and for this reason all lessons must start and end at the scheduled time.

8.2. Teacher waiting times
If you are late for class, due to time restraints, energy and internet usage, lessons are only kept open for fifteen minutes after your arranged start time. If you are more than fifteen minutes late, the lesson will be closed and you will lose your lesson credit for that class.

8.3. Lesson optimisation
All other applications/programs should be closed when having your English lessons. This includes Internet, email, computer games and online dictionaries or vocabularies.

8.4. Rescheduling and cancelling lessons
Lesson cancellations and changes must be made at least 24 hours before the lesson you want to cancel or you will lose one of your lesson credits.

8.5. Non attendance
Failure to attend any scheduled lesson results in losing a lesson credit/lesson credits.

8.6. Holidays and breaks from lessons
If you are going on holiday or will miss a number of lessons you must inform us at least a week in advance. If you miss more than 2 weeks you may be asked to change lesson times or change your teacher. However, you will not lose any lesson credits.

9. Homework
Your teacher will give you homework at regular times. You must complete your homework and either email it to your teacher or have it ready with you for the next lesson. Failure to complete homework will have a negative effect on your learning and your progression in lessons.