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Flávia Costabile from Brasilia

Helen is an inspiring teacher having a passion for teaching, she also has a passion for life. She helped me to improve my skills by having great conversations through speaking and writing! She always got me very enthusiastic for the next class and I miss practicing my English with someone so interesting


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Attila Huszár from Serbia

 “Helen is the best English teacher and a great friend

Miss Sarah from Algeria

 “Helen Richards is an amazing professional teacher. Who is dynamic, enthusiasm as well as creative. Her learners never get bored while learning. Her classes are engaging and enjoyable. I highly recommended for those who want to speak English with confidence.

Muhammad Faris from Syria

 “From the bottom of my heart, I’m thankful to you ma’am. You make the topic so easy and explain it so elaborately. There is nothing in the world that makes it look like heaven, but just one thing is YOU princes Helen. I am so proud of you dear teacher.

You have been encouraging me to improve my English for a long time through your amazing English posts. I will never forget your efforts that have helped me to improve my English and that I can now write and speak it fluently.

I can’t, but appreciate and admire both you and your precious lessons. ‘I am looking forward to learning more from you. My best wishes”

James Yi from Korea

 “Helen is an outstanding and highly experienced teacher who has been fully equipped with instructional and professional expertise and competencies. She is always so passionate to lead students to reach upper linguistic levels with diverse instructional tools and means. Not to mention her big smile and warm heart during the classes.

Thanks to her teaching enthusiasm and ongoing encouragement, I have come to have an advanced command of English with more refined expressions and vocabularies. She continuously encourages me not to stay complacent and emphasizes that there is always room for some improvements.

I trust my journey to way better English will continue with her meticulous and systematic instructional programmes. There are no better teachers to study English than Ms Helen Richards.

For those with so frustrated learning experiences in English learning school or teachers, she will give you a great leap in your English.”

Amjed Mohammed

“Ms. Helen helped me so much with the IELTS Exam. We started preparing for it a week before the test date and I was feeling so lost but after attending the lessons with Ms. Helen.

Here is my results:

Speaking: 7.0 /  Listening: 6.0  /  Reading: 5.0  /  Writing: 5.0  /  

I can do better than that for sure but the preparation time wasn’t enough.”