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Writing correct business English

Why a native English speaker brings quick progress

Modern business requires a good command of written English. Just think of the number of emails and letters that are sent each day. Clear, grammatically correct English is a strong positive signal – these people know what they are doing. Mistakes, or ambiguities, reflect badly on the company and can prove expensive.

Because English is my mother tongue, I can draw your attention to incorrect grammar and to situations where the message is unclear or perhaps misleading. I have worked with students from a wide range of countries; as a result, I know that good writing style in your own language may be very different from the short, simple sentences that ensure good communication in English.

In your own field, you will probably know much specialist vocabulary in English

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I don’t want to be treated as a beginner

In your own field, you will probably know much specialist vocabulary in English. Perhaps you are even comfortable reading technical English from your business partners. In this case, my role as teacher will be to help you use this vocabulary more effectively. At the same time, we will explore together those business situations where you feel more uncertain.

Do not forget that social interaction with clients is also very important – if they feel comfortable speaking English with you they will be more open for a business discussion. So you may wish also to explore more business-oriented conversation, or simply practice with me some common conversational topics.

Practice makes perfect. For some years, I have been collecting examples of good English to share with those who follow my Facebook page and my Facebook group. This means, I can quickly find and forward to you guidelines and exercises concerning any aspects that are proving difficult – allowing you to learn faster.

When do we start

Now. Click here to enter the contacts page and send an email asking for an evaluation lesson.


This is not a free sample lesson. It is a reduced-price session of 20 minutes. I will ask you to write me a small paragraph (10 to 15 lines) which we will read together and then I will give you feedback on the style, vocabulary and grammar. You are then free to decide whether you continue with me. Either way, you will have gained a valuable analysis of your written English.


* Group lessons

The fastest and most intensive learning environment is a one-to-one lesson. The next best option is a small group (maximum of four students), since you learn from the teacher’s work with the others as well as directly with you.

A group lesson is a good choice if you want to learn together with a friend or partner, or if a lesson on your own is too expensive. I do not make any additional charge but there must be one contact person for the group, responsible for the payment and providing the Internet contact address.

A half-hour evaluation session, with feedback on language skills

€ 6

One-hour lesson, one-to-one or group*

€ 18

Series of 5 lessons

€ 80

Series of ten lessons, with one free lesson on completion

€ 160

Examination-preparation lessons (one hour)

€ 25